On The Surface

When the current gets strong and the deep blue becomes overwhelming to dive into, it pays a lot to know when and how to reach for the surface.

When life gets challenging, drowning you with its chaotic dark side, it helps to reach for the light above your head.

There may be so much to discover and experience in this journey of ours. Many people to meet and many things to do. And the thrill of this thought will make us want to rush and to go deeper. But like the waters of our planet with more than 90% unexplored regions, it’ll take time to experience the entirety of life. And within that time are hindrances. Struggles keeping us from going further. That’s when you have to lighten yourself from the burden. To let yourself float to where the water reflects the sun rays.

Don’t let yourself drown and sink. Relax your tensed body. The air that you need when you’re out of breath, the hope that you need when you’re out of strength, is waiting for you on the surface.

Published by R. K.

A youth trying to understand life

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