She Who Is Healed

She was lost and broken
Lost in this wild and dark world
Broken by the people around her
She learned to be selfish, to be angry
Entitled because all she wanted was genuine love and care
Which she thought nobody could and would ever give

She was blinded by the misleading light of earthly riches
Deaf to the conscience within her
Mute to words that encourage
She was lame because of the burden of expectations
She became numb of what others might feel

Then she met Him

She found the mighty light of this world
Healed by His promises worth keeping
She learned to share and to forgive
Overwhelmed with the love He provided
The Lord was the one that she had been seeking

Clear was the purpose He had for her
Loud were the praises and worship she offered despite the trials she faced
She shared how God comforted her wounded soul
How the Lord told her to walk and believe
How she felt His control over her life

She who is healed by her powerful God, wants you to experience what it’s like to be by His side.

Published by R. K.

A youth trying to understand life

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