Ride With Me

What I miss most from amusement parks
Are popcorn snacks and the rides
The light in my eyes as they spark
When they remind me of the different ways of life

A ferris wheel is a relaxing loop
Like the days of my childhood
Wake, eat, play, and sleep
Common moments on repeat

And there are those pirate ships and pendelum rides
For when life swings side to side
For moments of choices to pick
When confusion seems thick

Of course drop towers are on the list
They bring us up and down, often with tease
Similar to the changing of tides
Like the highs and lows of life

Seldom do I take the ones that go ’round
Like tilt-a-whirl or carousels
Dizziness is all I had found
Going on in circles and mess

But there were days when control was mine
Especially on a bumper car ride
I know where to go and what to avoid
When life lets me go on with my choice

Out of all these types, these ways of life
Roller coasters are my favorite to ride
They take you up and down, switching sides, through a loop
Going around with you and your group

And the best thing about coaster rides
Is the thrill, the surprise, the excitement to find
Like life when it sprints from a slow pace
With a start and an end for us to face

Published by R. K.

A youth trying to understand life

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