Holi Festival, MOA 2015

🧳Travel Blog Series Entry #5

I’m starting to miss the outdoors a lot more than usual. So I’m pouring out my heart in these blog entries for awhile…

We’ve had relaxing escapades. Extreme ones are also on the list. But this particular trip to MOA is one of those colorful adventures. Literally COLORFUL 😆 It might have been my first concert type of event which wasn’t bad at all. We jumped and sang along while enjoying the view of the Manila Bay.

And when it was time to throw the color powders that we got from the entrance table, I made sure to go all out. The sight was extraordinary! Different hues floating in the air, I sure hope nobody got an asthma attack when the real fun started 😅

Ps. At first, I was wondering why everyone wore white clothes. It was only after the event that I realized the reason hahahaa

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A youth trying to understand life

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