Paco, Manila 2015

šŸ§³Travel Blog Entry #6

I’m starting to miss the outdoors a lot more than usual. So I’m pouring out my heart in these blog entries for awhile…

When I say that I’ve gotten a taste of a handful of religions around the world, believe me. This one side trip that we had was pre-Holi Festival. Our group visited this temple in Paco where I encountered the Sikhism religion. Ever heard of that one in your World Religion subject? It’s one of those dharmic beliefs like Hinduism and Buddhism.

To be honest, I wasn’t very mindful of my spirituality back then. But I still didn’t participate in their worship ways. Maybe cause I was too young to know what temples are for. I’m just glad that I was able to observe and understand their way of life. It helped me eliminate any prejudice that I might’ve had with our fellow human beings. And I must say, their curry was so flavorful!

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