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What Keeps You Up At Night

Sleepless nights are nothing new to me. But the reason behind the wide awake soul of mine is often left unresolved.

There are times when I’m forced to stay awake because of somebody else’s loud snoring. It’s always a little irritating when all you hear at night is the rhythmic throat vibration of that one uncle who seemed to be lullabied by his own noise. But I guess it still doesn’t come close to the loud thoughts inside my head. The type that makes you sit at the foot of your bed and just ponder for a while.

Sometimes, it’s the cold that steals my sleep. Don’t get me wrong. I prefer a chilly and dark setting for my slumber but when it gets to a point where I can feel my limbs shaking, that draws the line. What I would usually do to warm myself a little is to get out of bed and grab a drink. It’s actually also my way to keep myself from late-night overthinking.

But nothing beats not being able to sleep because you already slept. Do you feel me? There are extremely rare moments where I doze off in the afternoon. Dare I say that it’s the best type of sleep IF AND ONLY IF you get to wake up the next morning. Because whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, it’ll take me thousands of sheep to count before I could sleep again. Not to mention my sleep paralysis demon who almost always shows up whenever I try to get back to sleep.

Whatever is the reason behind my sleepless nights, I won’t get tired of dreaming about getting that perfect amount of sleep. You know the one that’s just right.


Published by R. K.

A youth trying to understand life

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