There are times when I just want it to rain all day.

I can imagine spending hours staring off the distance by the window pane, inhaling that familiar earthy smell. I want the cold wind to blow comfort to my face. Perhaps by then, my mind will be at ease.

It would also be nice to feel each droplet flow down every part of my skin. Massaged by the contact with nature. Sometimes, the inner kid in me wants to jump on the puddles I see outside. Not caring about tomorrow. Just living, here and now.

There goes another thunder followed by some distant lightning. It would be a tragedy, getting struck by a bolt. But a part of me wants to try it out. The daredevil me who thirsts for the danger zone. Mostly for science’s sake. However, I love hearing the thunder better than endangering myself just like that. I like hearing the sky roar. So sudden, loud and sharp. Back when I was a kid, I thought the clouds were mad at me for not sleeping on rainy afternoons. Now, I’m mad at myself for not getting a chance of sleep at all.

Yes, I said that I’d like for the rain to go on longer. But that doesn’t mean I hate the sun. I just like the company of the sound it makes. When the sky has let out all its tears, I always anticipate the sun coming back. Creating a colorful ray of colors across the blue sky. A rainbow. A reminder of a covenant made years and years ago. Details like these remind me of the One who takes control of everything.

The One responsible for the calming of seas and the halt of the heaviest downpour.

Published by R. K.

A youth trying to understand life

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