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Love Language

I recently took this test where it tells you what love language you have. Now before I reveal the results, I should first say why I ended up taking the test in the first place.

It was on a rainy Friday afternoon that a close friend, Jody, and I decided to go for a quick cafe date. Our main agenda was really to do an unboxing video of the albums that we got for Christmas but I’m happy that it became just a small part of our bonding time. You see, I have this weird craving for certain situations. On that day, I really wanted to have a chat with a friend about life in general. I know that I could’ve just video called but the thought of taking your time to meet up and spend a moment in person really mattered to me.

More than the anticipation I felt for the album was the excitement I had to hear what Jody’s been up to. The detail that I just couldn’t remember is how we ended up talking about my frustrations during that week. I do remember sharing how I felt toward this certain guy that I have had a crush on since March of 2021. If you know me well, I hate getting confused. And boy was I so confused with my feelings that time hahahaha!

I’m the type of person who’s a silent observer. And because of this, it’s easy for me to guess what a person is thinking or feeling which helps me adjust in different situations. But whenever I get to a point where I just can’t figure out what they’re up to, it disrupts my composure. Perhaps that was the reason why I voiced out to Jody what I felt about the guy. She had her conclusions and I had my doubts. She did help me out by telling me some of her similar experiences which I hope would help me when the situation calls for it. It was at this moment that she mentioned that her love language was quality time. This made me wonder what mine was. I had a hunch that it was acts of service or gift-giving. But when I took a test, I had to question myself for a bit cause it wasn’t either of the two. I know I answered honestly, I even double-checked some questions to be sure. But it sure was strange to get quality time as an outcome of the assessment. After a little bit of reflection, I did manage to realize that it wasn’t as far-fetched as I thought it was.

Who would have thought that time, something that I took for granted when I was younger, would be my top love language now? It was plainly obvious but I just didn’t realize until then. Hah! So much for a silent observer. My planner became supporting evidence of the whole quality time idea. It was only recently that I noticed how frequently I set bonding time with family and friends. I also noticed how I try to make sure that I get the most out of each moment I spend with people even if I’m often in a hurry. So yeah, I guess that’s one of the surprising discoveries I had before 2022 even started. What’s yours?


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A youth trying to understand life

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