Intimidating are the waves that guard the sea. Which like our lives, can be unexpected and overwhelming. But similar to how the tides change every so often, this journey of ours will always have its highs and lows.

If you ever find yourself in high tides, observe how loud the roars of the water get. See how high they jump as if they’re trying to reach for the sky. After some time, the waves are pulled back. Revealing the rocks that cause the water to dance. But if you’d look more closely at the scene before you, you’ll see different lives that once were hidden under that blanket of blue.

When you find yourself amidst the lowest tide, remind yourself that life continues to strive. It’s the chance to clear out the rocks that block your way. Time to know how to overcome even the angriest of seas the next day.

Published by R. K.

A youth trying to understand life

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