Mask Up, Guard Up

As I was about to take a step outside our gate, I froze and remembered that I had forgotten to wear a mask.

The change brought upon by the new normal may be troublesome to others. Some might consider it as an advantage. No matter what we might think of the situation at hand,
we all must stick to the goal of creating a COVID-free environment for everyone.

Everybody plays a part. Fighting against this pandemic is not a one-man job. It is true that medical health workers should be on the lead in this battle however, if we can’t
contribute in any way to prevent the spread, that line of defense will fall and the outcome will only get worse. It baffles me to hear about “anti-maskers” across North America who are claiming that their government has been lying to them and are refusing to follow simple
public safety protocols such as wearing a mask. Fortunately, anti-maskers are not much of a
problem in our country. Perhaps Filipinos are more worried and aware of the risk of infecting or getting the virus. This is a good start.

Young ones who have the energy and the time to do a lot of things must actively participate in educating their fellowmen to mask up and get their guards up. As a student, the privilege of education must be put into good use by spreading reliable information on COVID19. We must stand up for the future. I don’t want us to still be worried of the same
pandemic that could’ve been solved if protocols were met. If everyone took caution instead of acting carelessly. Combat the virus with right knowledge and just actions.

That’s how I want to contribute so I went back inside the house and got myself a mask and shield before I went off.

Published by R. K.

A youth trying to understand life

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