One Summer Getaway

Adventures have always been a part of my life. They provide the thrill and the fun that I seek as a young person. Perhaps being exposed to a lot of travelling makes you long for the wondrous places across the globe. I’m positive that my mother successfully shared her passion with me by bringing me to unexpected destinations.

One particular vacation that I can’t forget is our Bolinao getaway. I still remember the relaxing turquoise ripples as I carefully made my way through the Enchanted Cave, half of
my body submerged in cold spring water. I do miss the calmness that I felt being underground. The cave lived up to its name. It was as enchanting as how I imagined the
lakes and rivers in the fantasy books that I had at home. It makes you forget about the busy world above.

The clear waters of the Enchanted Cave

The moment we reached the end of the cave tunnel, it only took a few steps for us to see the magnificent Bolinao Falls. It took me a few minutes to accept that such a place
exists. The water fooled me into thinking that it’s a newly-cleaned swimming pool. It was extremely clear that I could see my feet as if I had my eyes underwater wearing goggles. Once again, I miss the cooling embrace of the water. But how can I forget the raging falls that muffled the shout of my mother, telling me not to get near the rocks below the cascade. I
was already on top of one rock when my mother had no choice but to snap a picture of me.

Picture of me trying to balance myself on top of that rock

Going through that memory makes me want to go back. It may just be an ordinary vacation to some but I can’t say the same. Every moment spoke to me. From the wild waterfall that represented my outgoing demeanor to the serene cave which reminded me of the beauty of peace. I found myself wanting to be one with nature. And I still feel the same despite the long quarantine.

I’m continually hoping for another fantastic experience like that one summer getaway.

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A youth trying to understand life

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