The Joy In Online Learning

With a wide yawn, sleepy eyes and a half-awake spirit, I gently opened my laptop screen and entered my password to start another journey to the online world. The morning
light woke me up a few minutes ago and forced me to drag myself to my current position. A laptop in front, water at the right side and a quick breakfast on the left. Looking at my
reflection on the screen reminds me that I certainly am not a morning person. Oh well! It’s not like I’m attending a beauty pageant anyway, it’s my first online class subject that I should be worried about. While scanning through my ever so active inbox for our classroom link, I
wondered if I had finished all my pending tasks online. “Did I even study in advance for today’s lesson?”, I thought. But a single question threw everything that I had been thinking
about when I entered our first class for Tuesday: Do I still even enjoy learning?

Seeing the same faces I had seen yesterday, the same look that I also have every morning, the question is almost immediately answered. Ma’am Xaris’ camera is the first one I look for to check if it’s on. I always want to see if she has the same “woke up like this” moment like the rest of the class but that doesn’t seem to be the case right now. Because her camera is off. I then look at Aaron’s to appreciate his long hair. Then I looked at Rafa to check if she had already taken a bath. Seeing that her hair is dry brings me relief. I’m not the only one who hasn’t taken a shower on this cold morning. I secretly checked my buzzing phone and saw that Kyla was silently having a small chit-chat in our groupchat.

“Natutulog ka Rian?” she typed.
“Oo nga, parang tulog siya kasi nakapikit.” Francis added before I could reply to Kyla.
“Nakayuko lang ako kasi chineck ko message niyo hmp!” I replied before immediately turning off my cellphone to focus on the class.

The best thing about the first online classes is that even our teachers are as absentminded as everyone else most of the time. I enjoy seeing this similarity but I do wonder if they got
enough sleep from last night. Because I know that I didn’t! Another moment that I thoroughly enjoy is looking at the epic faces of my classmates who, unfortunately, had their internet
signal interrupted. I know for a fact that Francis would’ve already taken a screenshot the second he realizes the situation. I had been one of his unlucky victims. But then who can I
blame when I have such an animated facial expression worthy of becoming a meme. I wonder if my cousin, Charlie, who is also an online learner, suffers from stolen shots online.

Moving on, I remember that one time when my little sister, Rueca, threw a tantrum downstairs because she wanted to play with me and Charlie. The moment she came into view of my camera, I saw the faces of my classmates suddenly light up. Even the teacher had noticed the cute stranger and awed with the class. I knew at that moment how refreshing it might have felt to look at such an innocent face. Not a single trace of stress
compared to our worn-out faces. But that’s life isn’t it? You slowly grow up and have things to think about. Not necessarily stress about, like what I usually do though.

Thinking about these moments that I enjoy makes distance learning bearable. It fuels me to move forward to the next online class. It motivates me to learn. And with a wide yawn,
sleepy eyes and a half-awake spirit, I gently closed my laptop screen and entered my bedroom to end the journey I had experienced once more in the online world.

Published by R. K.

A youth trying to understand life

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