The Motion Picture of Us

As I close my eyes, I see myself walking excitedly toward the mall entrance. It must have been the first week of July back in 2017. Because I remember how refreshing it felt to
get inside the air conditioned building. Leaving the humid weather outside of Gateway Plaza. Now, I see stores after stores. Back to school sales here and there. But I don’t think I’m looking for something to buy. I might be looking for someone to find. A tall gentleman with a dark complexion and impressive jawline. A very close friend of mine.

It’s coming back to me again. The sweet words, playful glances and the way he holds my hand. Butterflies! We were schoolmates. Both infatuated by high school love that started and ended up as friendship. Which to me, is not such a bad thing at all. We both cherish the moments we spent together. Like that late night when we stayed up composing a poem. I cringe whenever I see our grammatical errors in the original copy. However, it makes me
smile whenever I remember how proud we were about it. And since we’re already down the memory lane, I look back at the best experience that I had with him. The same memory that made me remember him in the first place. The movie date.

I must’ve been out of my mind telling my mother that I’ll be meeting my friends that day. But she never found out about it. No one but the two of us would reminisce that day. We met on the top floor where the movie theater was located. I can’t recall the clothes we wore but I do remember his face when he saw me walking toward him. After a brief moment of planning, we decided to watch Spiderman: The Homecoming. I might still have the movie ticket from that time. I wanted to hold on to it for a little while before we went our separate ways. It’s funny how I couldn’t remember how the movie ended. Was I too nervous to be
sitting beside him while munching on popcorn that time? After all, it was my first time to go out on a date. A secret date.

It’s always nice to end things on the right foot. But it is quite troublesome for me whenever I see any Spiderman-related stuff. That special memory immediately plays inside
my head like a motion picture. My young mind back then always thought that it would be the end of everything if I had to separate the special bond that we had. Obviously, I was wrong.
It wasn’t the end but the beginning of a much stronger friendship between me and Franc.

Published by R. K.

A youth trying to understand life

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