First Time Flying

The white plane above continued to make its way through the clouds. I watched as it slowly disappeared from my line of sight, wondering when will I be able to ride one. But don’t get me wrong. It won’t be my first time flying when that day comes. My first experience happened along the highway. It was indeed an unexpected flight from the tricycle seat towards the middle of the road. My back still remembers the pain from that moment. And my whole body can’t forget the feeling of being suspended in the air. It was terrific!

It all started with a typical Monday morning routine. Waking up, eating breakfast and making your way to the school. There was nothing out of the ordinary even when I boarded
one of green tricycles waiting in line for students going to school. It takes roughly 15 minutes to get to the destination but this particular Monday didn’t want me to attend class.

The sun was slowly rising up as I watched from the back ride, uncomfortably sitting behind the driver. I was carrying a lot of stuff. Mostly donations for victims of the Taal eruption. However, being fully loaded with bags didn’t stop me from daydreaming like usual. I remember admiring the blue tint of my surrounding, reflected from the sky above. The relatively fast pace of the vehicle as it drove the first few miles of the trip. I didn’t think it was
dangerous at all because there were little to no other cars anyway. And of course, I was painfully wrong about this.

It literally felt as if someone abruptly pushed the forward button on a remote. One moment I was casually checking out the vast green plains on the other side of the road. Then I heard this strange sound as if someone had decided to scratch metal against another metal. It was nails on a chalkboard. Absolutely irritating. It did stop and next thing I knew, I
saw the world spin as I suddenly flew a couple of meters away from my seat. Life truly flashed before my eyes.

Shortly after landing on my face, reality struck as I felt the pain from each of my limbs. Especially my back. Embarrassing as it may be, the first thing that came out of my mouth was a loud and long groan. Right there, in the middle of the road. What absolutely horrified me were the agonizing shouts from the other passengers. This forced me to get up
on my feet.

“Kuya, tulong po.”, I weakly asked the motorcycle driver who by miracle, stopped just a few inches from me.

Being the Red Cross officer that I am, I accessed the situation and proceeded to help the others to the side of the road. Barefooted I did this for both my shoes also flew across the lane, so did all the stuff I had in my hand.

So much for my first flight. I never expected to take off from a tricycle but it happened. Fortunately , none of us were severely injured. A few stitches for the others and a
couple of days leave from school. The driver who rammed our vehicle toward a parked truck was taken care of by the authorities. And as for me, I now have this uneasy feeling everytime I ride tricycles. But I still am looking forward to flying in the future, hopefully in an airplane

Published by R. K.

A youth trying to understand life

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