Hidden Tears of the Silver Cloud

I see you.

The other day, I saw you passing by like nothing’s wrong. Like a cloud, just drifting in the sky on a sunny day. I see that you’re trying your best as you sail through life. You inspire me.

I saw you once more yesterday. You looked as if you’re carrying something heavy. You seemed more gray than usual, I think. You’re worrying me.

Today, you look strange. Gone was the white and fluffy cloud that I met the first time. You have the color of a silver cloud ready to pour on a rainy day. But why do you keep on carrying that heavy feeling? Why not let it out?

Don’t worry about me. I can bear the downpour, your downpour. Show those hidden tears of yours. Let yourself see the rainbow after that struggle. Pain eases when you share it with people who can feel your hurting.

I hear you. I feel you.

Published by R. K.

A youth trying to understand life

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