Thou Shall Not Commit

“I didn’t sign up for this!”, I told myself as I cried myself to sleep that night.  Maybe it was the cool touch of the evening breeze or the comforting embrace of my bed. Perhaps it was both. But deep inside I know that my prayer was the reason I escaped those troubling thoughts. ItContinue reading “Thou Shall Not Commit”


There you were again. Staring in the wind, occupied by another monologue of yours. Frantically swimming in your sea of problems.Flooding yourself with those redundant questions.Drowning yourself in your own pool of thoughts. Deeper and deeper, you sank into the darknessTrapped in this overwhelming madness You’re drifting awayYou see the light, you say: Save me!

An Unfortunate Week

Monday started with interesting news Invisible enemy is on the loose Can no longer go outside freely But I know nothing’s gonna happen to me Went grocery shopping on Tuesday noon Bought weeks worth of food way too soon People were hoarding with masks on their faces Scared of the multiplying death cases I wasn’tContinue reading “An Unfortunate Week”

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