Pocket Adventure

What’s the best way to travel?

When I asked this to my friends, there was a variety of answers. Some suggested walking. The others preferred to ride a vehicle. There’s a few who answered my question with another question. But none of them came close to what I had in mind.

As you may already know by now, I love to explore. But I can’t afford to visit places in person. Sometimes, I would tag along with my mother on her adventures but when that isn’t an available option, I go to the nearest book store. Now, this might be confusing for a lot of people however, I’m confident that bookworms know what I mean.

Some of my most recent travels

The image that you see contains some of the books that I have in my collection. These are my tickets. Would you believe me if I told you that all these are worth not more than 150 Philippine Peso? That’s because most of them were gifts from good friends and the rest are the ones that I bought. And oh! I only buy them on sale. Newly released ones are too much for my budget as a student.

Focusing more on these precious sets of paper, I’m reminded of the wondrous adventures I experienced. I’ve gone to places that no money can purchase (Probably ’cause they don’t exist hahaha). And I’ve met various people as I went. They gave me feelings of all sorts. I fell in love, wept and moved on. I even found myself pretending to be the world’s greatest detective at some point! What a treat indeed.

Books allow me to travel without having to spend so much. Without the hassle of transportation. Without the drama of getting lost. The best feature that I love about travelling by reading is the ability to pause the trip. When it gets a bit overwhelming, it’s always nice to have the option to take a break. Get your composure back before you continue. And boy do I absolutely like how my mind designs each character and setting! It really helps me to feel as if I’ve been sucked into the story like how the movies would show.

I say all of these but still, nothing beats an actual sense-engaging experience. It’s just that, pocket adventures serve as my go to stress-reliever whenever I start to miss the outside world. It is, in my perspective, the best way one can travel without the hassle.

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A youth trying to understand life

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