Beaches hold a special place in my adventurous heart. I’ve always loved the feeling of sand beneath my feet. Always have admired what the dunes look like on sunrise and sunsets. Always have enjoyed the teasing waves by the shore.

I remember how much I enjoyed playing in the sand when I was younger. It always takes me back to Genesis, a book in the bible. Similar to how the stars remind me of God’s promise to Abraham, the sand reminds me of how magnificently infinite and immeasurable His love is. That, relaxes me. Besides the countless fine dust, the enticing waters also mesmerizes me. Haven’t you had that thrilling thought of discovering what hides beneath that vast blanket of blue? Always so eager to dive but too scared to stay underwater. Just like every opportunity in life. I often swim straight to it, taking the risk unprepared. When the waves and the current are too strong to overcome, I always find myself drifting back to shore. Starting back from scratch. And that’s not a bad thing at all. We’ll be able to map out the sea of life and watch out for the deep waters when we’re strong enough to jump back in.

Another thing that makes beaches wonderful is the view that we get whenever the sun rises or sets. Nature’s alarm comes in popping shades of orange, red and yellow. It is such a massive canvas! And out of all the artists that I know, nature is the best one out there. No one can play with light and darkness quite like how it does. If you haven’t seen a breathtaking masterpiece yet, I urge you to just wait for the sun to either reveal or hide itself when you’re on a beach. You too, will find it relaxing.

There is so much to notice and appreciate in this world. We often see it but seldom observe. Perhaps, the peace that you’ve been searching for so long, can be found when you see with your heart as you let your eyes roam.

Published by R. K.

A youth trying to understand life

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