There are people in our lives that can leave a lasting impact on us. Be it a close relative or even a stranger. There will always be someone that will indirectly teach us a thing or two about life.

I was raised by my single mother and her twin sister. Back then, I thought nothing about our lifestyle or social status. I thought it was normal to only eat rice with either sugar, salt, coffee, milk or milo as the viand. It wasn’t even a big deal to me if we had to skip a meal because we had no food. What I didn’t know was how hearthbreaking it was for my mother to not be able to provide food on the table all the time.

Now that we are somehow living much better than before, she tries to spoil us a lot. Which I do not like at all. When I asked her why she buys impulsively, my heart ached. She wanted to give us the things the she wasn’t able to get in her childhood. You see, my mom and her sister had to raise themselves. They’ve sold stolen vegetables in the market. They did a lot of sideline jobs just to feed themselves. And they had to stop their college education when me and my cousin were born.

Unlike what they experienced from their mother, my mom and aunt didn’t abandon us. They did their best to work and take care of us which is extremely difficult on their part. They wanted to make sure that we got the best out of life. And I told her that we did. She didn’t have to spoil us so much because we’re more used to living a simple life. But I do know where she’s coming from. So added to our conversation how she can instead, help those who are in need. Just like what we did back when we had nothing but our will to help.

It’s inspiring to see how God gave them strength all those years. And someday, I want to be the one who can help them finish college and make them quit their current jobs.

My mother’s story might be the reason as to why I have such high regards for young working people. They’re the ones constantly being hammered by life’s reality at a young age. And I’ve made it my duty to motivate and encourage them to move forward. If you’re currently in the same tough situation, don’t give up. Success will always be within reach for those who don’t stop pursuing it.

Published by R. K.

A youth trying to understand life

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