White Blob of Paint

We’re all a blob of white paint on a blank palette
Pale and untouched
But with the dip of a new color
We are transformed to a new wonder

A hint of red will turn us pink
Blushed and sweet to see
Add some more to get a passionate hue
Too much will stir anger in you

If cherry is not something you fancy
Add orange or yellow and make things lively
See the energy flow as you mix it away
Does it give you a smile and make your day?

When you’re feeling wild or a bit mysterious
A pinch of green is the option to take
Like that of a busy jungle, the type to make you curious
Curious to explore the vast green lake

Perhaps you long for the calmness of the sky
Put a little blue, or a bit more will do
And when you wish to float on water and cry
It won’t hurt to put everything too

But if you’re feeling rare and feisty
Purple or violet, which ever it may be
No judgement on that, to use it is free
A bold pretty color for you and me

Now if you wish to mix all the colors you have
Expect for a dark brown, dark gray, or black
Or you can leave everything just as it is
A blob of white paint on a blank palette

Published by R. K.

A youth trying to understand life

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