When Tears Fall

Ever noticed that uneasy feeling when something or someone triggers your deepest fear, pain, regret or disappointment?

How you try your hardest to shake it off as you put up a façade? Pretending. Fooling no one but yourself.

I know it well. Especially when the mask I’ve put up gets too heavy to bear. Then you start laughing and distracting yourself from the boiling emotion inside you. That nervous chuckle. I know it when I hear one. ‘Cause I know how mine sounds.

And finally, you stop trying to hide. You let your walls break down. And when those tears fall, it feels as if you’re at your lowest, most vulnerable self.

But how is it that comfort can suddenly replace the outburst after some time? Like how the sea calms once the storm had passed. It marvels me how we can still pick ourselves up when tears fall. Reminding us of the temporary struggle we need to overcome for us to learn how to let go and move forward.

So next time you find yourself expressing your sadness, I hope you don’t take it as weakness. I hope you’ll think of it as a turning point to what you’ve been trying to suppress. A catalyst of change, if you will.

Published by R. K.

A youth trying to understand life

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