The Motion Picture of Us

As I close my eyes, I see myself walking excitedly toward the mall entrance. It must have been the first week of July back in 2017. Because I remember how refreshing it felt toget inside the air conditioned building. Leaving the humid weather outside of Gateway Plaza. Now, I see stores after stores. Back toContinue reading “The Motion Picture of Us”

The Joy In Online Learning

With a wide yawn, sleepy eyes and a half-awake spirit, I gently opened my laptop screen and entered my password to start another journey to the online world. The morninglight woke me up a few minutes ago and forced me to drag myself to my current position. A laptop in front, water at the rightContinue reading “The Joy In Online Learning”

Helping Hand from the Past

Don’t you miss the afternoon naps? Those care-free moments of our childhood? Because I do. I miss how wonderful the world looked to my 5-year old self. I miss having nothing to lose. I also like to look back at the moments when I was 15. When I was foolish enough to think that IContinue reading “Helping Hand from the Past”

One Summer Getaway

Adventures have always been a part of my life. They provide the thrill and the fun that I seek as a young person. Perhaps being exposed to a lot of travelling makes you long for the wondrous places across the globe. I’m positive that my mother successfully shared her passion with me by bringing meContinue reading “One Summer Getaway”

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