Night of Terror

It was late at night. David felt tensed when he heard the footsteps of the killer coming closer and closer. He had just witnessed the brutal murder of a young girl and her ear-piercing scream kept on playing inside David’s head.

 Just as the killer turned the doorknob, his mother burst into his room and went straight for the television.

“How many times have I told you to turn down the volume of this thing David? Our neighbors are gonna think you’re murdering someone inside our house!”

An Unfortunate Week

Monday started with interesting news

Invisible enemy is on the loose

Can no longer go outside freely

But I know nothing’s gonna happen to me

Went grocery shopping on Tuesday noon

Bought weeks worth of food way too soon

People were hoarding with masks on their faces

Scared of the multiplying death cases

I wasn’t bothered by all the commotion

So I went to my friend’s birthday celebration

Wednesday night was indeed a blast

But the party happened really fast

When Thursday came, there was a call on my phone

A friend of mine got sick at his home

He was coughing non-stop right after last night

Now he has to fight an enemy inside

Nervous with what I heard yesterday

I stayed at my house all Friday

Became extra careful, cleaned all of my stuff

Hoping my fear will just be a bluff

Saturday proved my worries were true

Because of the party, the enemy got through

Hard to breathe, hard to move but I knew what to do

Had to call for help because of this flu

The fever got worse and I still can’t believe

That my life’s on the line because I’m naive

Now I’m in a hospital until who knows when

My Sundays might never be the same again

Monday started with the same old news

Invisible enemy is still on the loose

Attacks, tortures and kills more freely

That’s exactly what had happened to me

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